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Sportuojantiems planas be savaitgalių (visavalgiams ir pesketarams)


Home like food for sports and physically active people. This plan is perfect for those who want to get a balanced meal with deliveryonly on weekdays. This plan contains more protein than the standard plan. You can choose the most suitable way of eating for you and the calorie content of 2000, 2300 or 3000 kcal. This plan consists of 5 meals: breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner.

You can find all possible substances that cause allergies or intolerances here

ATTENTION: orders for the next day are accepted until 12:00. Subsequent orders will be moved to the next day.

Home like food for sportsmen

High-quality and healthy food for athletes to take home, so that every step will lead you to the desired result. Nutrition during sports can become a real headache, because you need to make sure that you can find all the necessary vitamins and minerals on your plate. Calories, protein, fat, fiber, saturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals were taken into account when compiling the kit. With this set, you will get more proteins, because they are the most important substance for the body of an athlete. We will gladly take care of it.

Who do we recommend this plan for?

Sports plan without weekends is for women and men who are physically active and want to supply the body with all nutrients. When compiling the set, calories, protein, fat, fiber, saturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals were taken into account.

Why should you choose

  • Working together with nutrition experts, we have selected the best products that will help meet all the needs of the body.
  • Balanced food for athletes to take home: the diet will certainly not lack the necessary amount of carbohydrates, proteins and necessary fats.
  • There is positivity in our team, the chefs give a part of their warmth, which you will feel in every food box.
  • We update atnaujinimas kiekvieną savaitę, todėl maistas sportuojantiems nenusibos.
  • A wide selection - you will find a nutrition plan for yourself event if you are an athleteor seek to stay fit or loose weight. 
  • And we haven't forgotten about vegetarians, just choose your meal plan for each plan.
  • To order a vegan plan, click here.
  • We promise fresh food and larger portions than anywhere else.

Additional information

  • The more days you choose, the bigger the discount we apply.
  • Skanus maistas į namus sportuojantiems pasieks tave kasdien, bet kuriame Vilniaus taške.
  • Be to, pristatymas Vilniuje jau yra įskaičiuotas į kainą, jokių papildomų mokesčių.
  • For delivery to the Vilnius region, it is necessary contact by filling out the form or by writing to our Facebook page, to calculate the delivery price based on the distance.
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