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Subalansuotas maistas į namus ir į biurą

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Frequently asked questions

Subalansuotas maistas į namus ir į biurą

Yes, we can deliver freshly prepared hot food to order. Food is transported in heated food boxes, so you will receive it tasty, hot and healthy.

We prepare all dishes in premises specially established for cooking, located in Vilnius, using the latest and most modern equipment. So you will get the tastiest dishes directly "from the table". Cleanliness, safety, hygiene are all important to ensure quality. Therefore, we follow strict procedures and controls.

Yes, but it will cost extra. From the central Vilnius post office, the price of delivery up to 12 km is 0 eur, up to 15 km - 3 eur. up to 18 km - 4. We do not deliver further.

Morning delivery is convenient for 2 reasons: first, the food is prepared the night before delivery, so you get the freshest meals right after they are prepared. Second, early delivery allows you to enjoy your food in the morning and you will definitely not miss your favorite breakfast.

Yes, we will be accepting orders from December. A festive menu will be prepared, which will be suitable for both corporate celebrations and personal use.

We change the menu every week. Each delivery is a new dish. We update our menu monthly and add new items regularly.

Yes, we work with each client individually. We help, listen, advise, and choose a plan that meets the client's expectations.​

Maistą ruošiame tik iš natūralių ingredientų, todėl rekomenduojamas bet kurio patiekalo valgymo laikas yra 48 valandos (jei pakuotė uždaryta sandariai ir laikoma šaldytuve).

Yes, the time of food delivery can be changed for each day, or you can receive food from the evening.

Yes, but it depends on the order quantity. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us.

You can find all possible substances that cause allergies or intolerances here

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