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We change the menu every week. Each delivery is a new dish. We update the menu every month.

Yes, we help for an additional fee of €50, which is added to the order total. We work with each client individually. We help, listen, and choose a plan that meets the client's expectations.​

No, we deliver food only in Vilnius up to 18 km from the city center + €4. Up to 15 km from the city center + €3. Delivery is free up to 12 km from the center. 

You can find all the substances that cause allergies or intolerances here (paspausti)

We prepare food only from natural ingredients, so the recommended consumption time of any dish is 24 hours (if the package is sealed and stored in the refrigerator).

Yes, the food delivery time for each day can be changed by informing us in advance by phone +370 684 82222 or by e-mail. by mail info@fitnetfood.lt. You can also get food from the evening.

Yes you can. Inform about it by phone +370 684 82222 or e-mail by mail info@fitnetfood.lt at least two days before the suspension. 

It is allowed. Every time, when delivering the food, we include an information sheet for you, which indicates which of the dishes in the packages can be heated in the microwave, oven or pan. 

Yes, you can pay the courier when you collect the food. We charge an administrative fee of €3 for this service, which will be added to the general checkout. Please let us know in advance if you intend to pay in cash. We accept cash payments up to €800.

Leave the cool bag at the place where the food was delivered to you, the courier will pick it up the next morning. If you cannot leave in the morning, please contact +370 684 82222 or e-mail email info@fitnetfood.lt and we will agree on the conditions for picking up the bag. If you have more than two bags, we will deliver the food to you in disposable bags until you return the cooler bags.

Yes, we can. The price of one bag will cost an additional €0.50 to the total amount of the order. 

Before ordering for a period longer than 5 days, we suggest ordering a set for one day. Since we apply discounts for all sets with 5 or more days delivery, if the contract is terminated early, the price for the days already used will be recalculated according to the 1st day. d the price of the meal kit.

You can order a coupon by calling +370 684 82222 or by e-mail. by mail info@fitnetfood.lt.

We deliver food for Saturday on Friday together with that day's order.

Any questions left? Contact +370 684 82222 or e-mail by mail info@fitnetfood.lt

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